Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

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Abdominal wall reconstruction can dramatically improve the quality of life for people with large hernias. At his private practice, plastic surgeon Tarik Madni, MD, expertly corrects problems within the abdominal wall and helps patients get back to their lives. If you have frequent hernia-related symptoms and need a permanent solution, call the Southlake, Texas, office or book your appointment online today.

Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Q & A

What is abdominal wall reconstruction?

Abdominal wall reconstruction is surgery to repair weak or damaged connective tissue (fascia) in your abdominal wall. 

When is abdominal wall reconstruction necessary?

Abdominal wall reconstruction is typically for patients with hernias. A hernia occurs when a weak or damaged area in the abdominal wall allows an organ or tissue to bulge through the muscle and into the abdomen (will not be doing groin hernias) 

Hernias can cause pain, nausea, and other uncomfortable issues and may put you at risk of serious complications. Abdominal wall surgery is generally for patients who have more complicated hernias, with examples including:

  • Significant pain or symptoms that interfere with your day-to-day life (something similar to this statement) 
  • Recurrent hernias
  • Medical complications due to hernias
  • Complications following a surgical hernia repair
  • Infection of hernia mesh from a previous surgery

Abdominal wall reconstruction may not be necessary for people with a low risk of hernia progression or complications. 

Dr. Madni evaluates your situation and recommends the best treatment approach. If he doesn’t recommend surgery, you still need to schedule regular checkups so he can monitor your hernia and take action if it starts growing or causing issues. 

While rare, abdominal wall reconstruction may also be recommended for patients who experience trauma to the abdomen. 

What is the abdominal wall reconstruction process?

Dr. Madni customizes your surgery based on the size, location, and severity of your hernia and the extent of your abdominal wall damage. Surgery aims to separate the layers of the abdominal wall, repair the hernia, and restore the abdominal wall as a whole. 

In many cases, abdominal wall surgery includes placing surgical mesh over the hernia to reinforce the weak area and help prevent future hernias. 

Abdominal wall surgery and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) can be performed at the same time. While abdominal wall surgery repairs structural problems, a tummy tuck removes excess skin and fat to restore the appearance of your abdomen. 

Dr. Madni is skilled in both general and plastic surgery. If you need long-lasting repair for a complex hernia but would also like to enhance the appearance of your abdomen, a combined abdominal wall reconstruction and tummy tuck could be ideal. 

To learn more, call the office of Tarik Madni, MD, or book an appointment online today.