Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction

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Breast reconstruction involves complex procedures that only specialized plastic surgeons can perform. In his private practice, Tarik Madni, MD, expertly performs breast reconstruction for women following breast cancer surgery, tumor removal, and trauma wounds. His empathetic, patient-focused approach puts women at ease as they navigate difficult times. Call the Southlake, Texas, office or book your consultation online today. 

Breast Reconstruction Q & A

What is breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is surgery to rebuild the breasts after disease, such as breast cancer, alters their appearance and structure. In some cases, only one breast needs reconstruction; in many cases, both breasts need it. 

When might I want breast reconstruction?

Many women choose breast reconstruction for reasons such as:

  • Helping clothes fit better
  • Improving body proportions 
  • Matching the appearance of the two breasts
  • Boosting self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Avoiding the need for a prosthesis (breast form)

The decision to get breast reconstruction is entirely your own, as is the timeline. You might want breast reconstruction at the same time as necessary procedures like mastectomy (breast removal) or lumpectomy (removal of a cancerous tumor). Or, you might opt to wait. 

Dr. Madni discusses your reconstruction options before your planned procedure so you can decide whether immediate or delayed reconstruction is the best choice for you. 

What are the different types of breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction encompasses several methods of restoring the breasts, with the main types being:

Implant breast reconstruction

Implant reconstruction typically starts with tissue expanders, which are empty breast implants. Dr. Madni inflates the implant using saline in stages over several weeks.

The tissue expander is generally wrapped in an ADM (acellular dermal matrix), which is a mesh-like framework that holds the expander in place to help create the new breast pocket and support the expander and implant. 

This process gradually stretches your skin and creates the space for a breast implant. At that point, Dr. Madni exchanges the tissue expander for a permanent breast implant. 

Direct to implant 

Some women may be candidates for direct to implant (DTI) reconstruction. Dr. Madni can put a permanent implant in at the same time as mastectomy. This is typically done by wrapping the implant in an ADM (acellular dermal matrix) to both add additional soft tissue coverage and support the new implant location. 

Autologous breast reconstruction

Autologous means that donor tissue comes from your own body. With autologous breast reconstruction, Dr. Madni takes extra tissue from another part of your body (often the lower belly) and transfers it to your chest to create new breast mounds.

Fat transfer

Fat transfer is similar to autologous reconstruction but only involves harvesting and relocating fat, not skin. This type of breast reconstruction is generally used as an adjunctive to implant or autologous reconstruction. Adding additional volume and shape to help refine the reconstruction at a later date. 

Breast reconstruction can restore your appearance. Tarik Madni, MD, is a highly skilled plastic surgeon who works with you to provide the results you want. To learn more, schedule your consultation online or call the office today.